image description FIXED INCOME
  • Futures & Options Execution
  • High Yield Bonds
  • Structured Credit
  • Government Bonds
  • Non-Core Government Bonds
  • Emerging markets
image description Equity
  • Futures & Options Execution
  • Indices
  • Single Stocks
  • Index Delta 1
  • Single Stocks Delta 1
  • Exotics


VCM offers an extensive range of specialised products. This comprises Fixed Income, Equity Derivatives, Commodity and Energy Derivatives, Cash Equities and OTF execution.

We consistently provide optimal price discovery, using our expert product knowledge and far-reaching network to source the best available liquidity.

Our strength lies in the experience and quality of our personnel, supported by excellent operations and infrastructure.

image description COMMODITIES
  • LME Futures & Options
  • Commodity Indices & Exotics
  • Oil Futures Execution
image description EQUITIES
  • Cash Equity Execution
  • Cross-currency Spreads
image description OTF
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